Advanced Training Offers

SICAT offers a selection of courses ranging from SICAT Software Training to Clinical Courses by renowed universities and clinicians:

Software-Training SICAT Implant and GALILEOS Implant


GALILEOS Advanced Clinical Training Course (USA)

Vorteile der SICAT Bohrschablonen


SICAT Bohrschablonen


The SICAT Software Training will give you a complete introduction for the Implant Planning Programs SICAT Implant and GALILEOS Implant.



The Galileos Advanced Clinical Training Course will focus on the endless software possibilities, clinical applications and hands-on training.



Immediate Placement and Restoration of Implants:
Surgical and Restorative Protocols


This intense hands-on and live patient course follows the concepts of Robert E. Lamb in minimally-invasive implant surgery. Achieving optimal esthetics in atraumatic implant placement is the imperative for success.

In cooperation with Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy - IDEA