Implanting more successfully with SICAT surgical guides

Modern therapy concepts based on three-dimensional diagnosis integrate the process of: planning, implantation and treatment in the shortest possible time.

SICAT surgical guides allow the implementation of optimum implant positions with foreseeable accuracy considering both surgical and prosthetic aspects.


Benefits of SICAT surgical guides


SICAT surgical guides

Vorteile der SICAT Bohrschablonen


SICAT Bohrschablonen




SICAT surgical guides enable accurate and cost-effective implementation of your implant planning using the SICAT Implant planning software.

Central manufacturing in the SICAT laboratory guarantees precision and quality.



SICAT Workflow


Clinical Cases

Der SICAT Workflow


SICAT Bohrschablonen in der Praxis


The SICAT Surgical Guide Workflow leads straight from three-dimensional planning to implantation - in the shortest possible time.



SICAT surgical guides in practice in various published clinical case studies.

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