MORE THAN 3D – SICAT ENDO is the first and only 3D solution for the diagnosis and planning of endodontic treatment, which can also support you in the realization of guided root canal treatment.

Benefits of SICAT ENDO

SICAT Endo Vorteile
  • Optimum diagnostic certainty due to visualization and planning in 3D
  • Easy identification of all canals in 3D
  • Exact determination of working length and depth of cavity access including outstanding 360° view
  • Integrated optical impressions provide a precise visualization of occlusal reference points

The SICAT ENDO Workflow

SICAT Endo Workflow

SICAT ENDO offers optimum diagnostic certainty for safer treatment planning: efficient, predictable, for more reliable treatment results.


" With SICAT Endo’s cutting-edge visualization features, I can easily display even curved structures and relevant details in just a few clicks. With the simultaneous navigation in 2D and 3D, this software simplifies the process and gives me diagnostic clarity. Being able to create a strategic treatment plan in advance makes the actual procedure less stressful and eliminates many surprises. Overall, a great advance that allows us to take a big step forward in endodontic treatment."

Dr. Scott Resnick