SICAT In-Office Software-Training

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SICAT In-Office Training

The SICAT In-Office Training program is an intensive, four-hour training that takes place in your own office. From gathering the correct data and materials, to selecting and ordering the appropriate surgical guide or therapeutic appliance that meets your patient’s individual needs – you will experience the entire workflow for all SICAT applications.

In the one-on-one training, a SICAT 3D Application specialist will take you step-by-step through preparation and case planning by using one of your patient cases, including recommended materials and laboratory techniques.

Content & Objectives

SICAT In-Office Software Training
  • Implant planning with Galileos Implant / SICAT Implant, including the planning of abutments and sleeves as well as ordering a SICAT surgical guide.
  • Airway analysis and treatment planning with SICAT Air, including the order of an OPTISLEEP therapeutic appliance.
  • Mandibular joint diagnostics and functional prosthetics with SICAT Function, SICAT JMT+ and CEREC, including the order of an OPTIMOTION therapeutic appliance.



SICAT In-Office Software Training
Duration: 4 hours
Fees: $1,499

Alexandra Berger
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