SICAT Function

SICAT Function – Track real motion in motion

SICAT Function is the first integrated digital 3D solution to visualize real patient-individual movement of the lower jaw within the 3D volume. The anatomic traces of the temporomandibular joint can be displayed for every possible position in the volume.


New perspectives for TMJD diagnostics

Thanks to the highly precise recording of all degrees of freedom and movements of the mandible with the SICAT JMT+, you can now transfer, visualize and diagnose anatomically correct jaw movement within the 3D volume:

  • Real Condyle-Fossa relationship during jaw movement
  • Anatomically correct trajectory
  • Specific positioning of the trajectory in the 3D volume – if necessary also in comparison to conventionally used axial points
  • Evaluation of the occlusion based on the integrated optical surface scans


Step by step SICAT Function leads you through the 3D x-ray volume and merges jaw movement data (SICAT JMT+) with CBCT data, using radiopaque reference markers. Now follows a three-dimensional visualization of the mandible in motion.


You can also simulate the dynamic occlusion for each jaw position by means of the optical surface scans (CEREC).

Your advantage: Diagnosis, planning and consultation with your patient – all in one chairside session.

SICAT Function: the new TMJD software for every practice.


The first therapeutic appliance produced in a completely digital process using real, patient-specific jaw movement data.