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SICAT planning programs for Implantology: SICAT Implant

Implant more successfully

SICAT planning programs provide a complete system ranging from 3D diagnostics to digital implant planning and on to the fabrication of highly accurate, cost-effective surgical guides.

SICAT Implant is fully compatible with all of today’s Conebeam and CT systems, and integrates effortlessly the entire range of implants, abutments and sleeve systems including virtual prosthetic proposals.

Rich in detail. Open. Intuitive. These are the characteristics which distinguish superb 3D software for diagnostics and planning – SICAT Implant.

Benefits of SICAT Implant

  • Compatible with all modern Conebeam and CT systems via simple DICOM import, with no need to convert or edit data.
  • Intuitive guidance through the 3D volume and common views such as “panoramic”.
  • Just a few steps from positioning implants and abutments from numerous manufacturers to ordering a SICAT Surgical Guide.

SICAT Implant Product Solutions

SICAT Implant unlocks the door to the third dimension by displaying the 3D volume in familiar views.

SICAT Implant CAD/CAM is also the first device to merge optical surface scan data and virtual prosthetic proposals with 3D X-ray data.


SICAT Implant Clinical Cases

A variety of published clinical case studies feature SICAT Implant in conjunction with SICAT Surgical Guides.


The SICAT Workflow

Find out all about the SICAT Workflow in this video: from 3D planning in SICAT Implant to the finished SICAT Surgical Guide.


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