SICAT Surgical Guides



How do I know if an implant is supported?

To see, whether an implant is supported, check the implant chart (example below). If there is no sleeve displayed next to the implant (marked red), the manufacturer does not support this one.

How do I plan anchor pins?

Please note that you can plan the bone screws in the GALILEOS/SICAT Implant software exactly the same way as you plan the implants. In the implant database you will find screws/pins from certain manufacturers or you can, of course plan generic fixation screws or pins.

What sleeve options do I have?

You can choose between a pilot sleeve (only for your first pilot drill), a SICAT sleeve- in-sleeve (SIS) (for your first two drills guided) or a guided sleeve from the implant manufacturer to proceed a fully guided surgery.

How do I visualize the sleeves?

You can edit the sleeve by right click on the particular implant and choose ‘Edit Sleeve…`.

Can I visualize different sleeves at the same time?

No, the software only allows you to display one selected sleeve system.

Which systems provide a drilling protocol?

All systems with a different D1 (distance between implant and sleeve) provide a drilling protocol.

Can I order my drills at SICAT?

No, you have to order the drills from the implant manufacturer. Please select the Sleeve System by selecting ‘Change…`.

How do I update the implant database?

With version 1.8 of GALILEOS and version 1.4 of SICAT Implant, it is possible to visualize the sleeves. To download the most recent implant database update, click on the following link: