Online Pick-Up Service

We are pleased to announce that the SICAT Online Pick-Up Service is now easily accessible via the SICAT Portal.

With the improved pick-up service you can simply order new pick-ups online as well as to obtain full transparency of your current pick-up orders in an instant.

If you are already registered for the SICAT Portal you can use the following link to go directly to the new SICAT Pick-Up Service (please note that you must be logged into your account).

If you are not registered for the SICAT Portal please use the same link for your registration. After registration you will have full access to all online services.

(Please note: If you already have a SICAT Webshop account you can use your login credentials to access the SICAT Portal. At your first login you will be prompted to create a dedicated SICAT Portal password.)

In your SICAT Portal account please choose "PICK-UP" from the dropdown menu in the upper right (see the screenshot for reference):




If you have any questions please email or call us at +49-228-85469712 for customer assistance. Our support team is happy to help with any questions regarding your order.