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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on SICAT Smart.


What is SICAT Smart?

SICAT Smart offers you a smart start into the SICAT world and our software applications for different dental disciplines. SICAT Smart is managed via the SICAT Portal and our new tool SICAT Connect and includes our subscription program, which allows you to use SICAT Suite applications easily, affordably and on a monthly cancelable basis according to your preferences. For all those who already use a SICAT Suite application in their practice, SICAT Smart also allows you to transfer licenses (whether subscription or full version) to other computers and back again.

How does SICAT Smart work?

In order to use SICAT Smart, you have to register in the SICAT Portal or log in to your already existing account. Afterwards, you can access a corresponding page within the SICAT Portal by clicking ” My SICAT Smart” on your dashboard. There you can setup your SICAT Smart subscription plan. The SICAT Portal guides you through the entire process. 1 license for each of the 4 SICAT Suite applications (SICAT Implant, SICAT Endo, SICAT Air, SICAT Function) is available for 99€ per month and you can migrate it to any computer via SICAT Connect. For each additional license for an application that you want to use in parallel, you even pay only 49€ per month.

Which SICAT Suite version do I need to use SICAT Smart?

SICAT Smart works with SICAT Suite version 2.0.40 or higher, which you can download from the SICAT Portal.

What is SICAT Connect?

SICAT Connect is a tool that you install on your computer if you want to use SICAT Smart. It is available for download from the SICAT Portal. After download, start the installer and it will guide you through the installation in a few steps. SICAT Connect allows you to easily configure which of your active licenses you want to use on which computer. This means you can easily transfer licenses from computer to computer and also temporarily use an active license on a laptop without permanent network access.

Do I have to install SICAT Connect before I install SICAT Suite?

It does not matter if you install SICAT Suite and SICAT Connect first or second. If you are already using SICAT Suite 2.0.40, install SICAT Connect and set up your licenses on your PC accordingly. If you install SICAT Connect first and have not yet installed SICAT Suite on your computer, SICAT Connect will guide you accordingly to do so afterwards.

How do I cancel a SICAT Smart subscription?

You can reconfigure the number of SICAT Smart subscriptions for your SICAT Suite applications at any time by adjusting your SICAT Smart subscription plan in the SICAT Portal. You must be signed in to your SICAT Portal account. To perform a cancellation, please reduce the number of subscriptions as far as you wish. Confirm your changes and check your new subscription configuration on the following page. If everything is correct, confirm your changes. The cancellation of SICAT Smart subscriptions from vouchers will only become effective after the free period granted has expired.

What is the cancellation period?

A 14-day cancellation period applies on the respective key dates. If you do not cancel, your subscription will be extended by one month. The key date of your subscriptions is the day on which you signed up for a subscription for the first SICAT Suite application. All additional subscriptions are based on this key date. You will receive a transparent monthly overview of your individual SICAT Smart subscription plan, i.e. your active configuration. If you would like to resume your subscription after canceling, you can do so at any time.

How long can I use my license without an internet connection?

Once a month, your PC with an active SICAT Smart license needs access to the license management in the SICAT Portal for a short time to synchronize the current license situation. This requires a stable internet connection. After successful synchronization, an internet connection is no longer required until the following month.

I have received a voucher code that entitles me to use a SICAT Suite application for free. How do I activate my code?

You will be asked for any existing voucher codes on the “My SICAT Smart” page of the SICAT Portal. Enter your code here to benefit from discounts. Depending on the voucher, you can use your SICAT Suite application free of charge for one or more months after redeeming your code. If you have got a full version of the SICAT Suite application, you can use the voucher code to activate a lifetime subscription without any further payment obligation.

I would like to purchase a full version/ lifetime subscription. What do I need to do?

The voucher codes for the full version are usually sold to end customers through our resellers. Contact your reseller, they will be able to advise you. Of course, you can also contact our internal sales team, who will also help you find the right payment model and distribution partner for you. Please use our contact form for this purpose.

I already use a SICAT Suite application in my practice and would like to subscribe to another application. What do I have to do?

In this case, you must also transfer your previous licenses to the new SICAT Smart system. To do this, you need to upgrade your existing SICAT Suite to version 2.0.40 if you have not already done so and then install SICAT Connect. From then on, you simply use your additional SICAT Suite application as a subscription in parallel to your full version, which now runs in SICAT Smart system. All adjustments will be shown transparently in the monthly invoice.


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Last Update: 2024-03-21